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Individual Members

SOMME Members

Individuals, institutions, organizations, societies, corporate bodies, may be accepted in future as member(s) / Institutional member(s) / Corporate member(s) by the Governing Body on terms and conditions as laid down by the Governing Body.

Individual Members

Eligibility for becoming Individual Member of society:

    A person shall be eligible to become an individual member of Society, if he/she
  1. is of 18 years of age on the date of application
  2. subscribes to the aims and objects of the Society
  3. is having educational qualification in any technical course or even if pursuing studies in some technical course.
  4. has deposited the membership fee as prescribed in the by-laws of the Society; and
  5. is not an insolvent or of unsound mind or have not been convicted of an offence involving moral turpitude, punishable with imprisonment of one year or more.

Individual Members

    Membership No.
    Pardeep Kumar
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Applicable Membership Fee for becoming Individual Members

Indian Nationals

  1. Annual Membership Fee: Rs.1,500/- (INR)
  2. Life Membership Fee: Rs. 5,000/- (INR)

Foreign Nationals:

  1. Annual Membership of the Society: $ 250 (USD)
  2. Life Membership of the Society: $ 1,000 (USD)
Note: The Governing Body shall have the power to increase, decrease or vary the amount of membership fee from time to time. Additional subscription, in addition to the membership fee referred to hereinabove, may be collected by the Governing Body from members for a general or specific purpose or project.