Governing – SOMME

The affairs of the Society are administered, directed and controlled, subject to rules and regulations and bye laws and orders of the Society, by a Governing Body.


  1. Every meeting of the Governing Body is presided over by the Chairman of the Governing Body and in his absence by Vice President or a member chosen by the meeting to preside for the occasion.
  2. One third of members of the Governing Body present in person form a quorum at every meeting of the Society.
  3. Not less than 7 clear days’ notice of every meeting of the Governing Body is to be given to each member of the Governing Body.
  4. The Governing Body is to meet as often as may be considered necessary but not less than four times in a financial year. International members can attend the meeting through online connectivity.
  5. The Chairman of the Governing body may himself call, or by a requisition signed by him to call a meeting of the Governing Body at any time.
  6. Each member of the Governing Body including the Chairman have one vote. All matters at the Governing Body meeting are to be decided by the majority view. If there is an equality of votes on any question to be decided by the Governing Body, the Chairman shall in addition have a casting vote.
  7. A resolution is passed by 2/3 (two third) majority vote in the Governing Body meeting called for the purpose.