Governing – SOMME

The affairs of the Society are administered, directed and controlled, subject to rules and regulations and bye laws and orders of the Society, by a Governing Body.


  1. The affairs of the “Society” are managed by a Governing Body which comprises of a Patron, a President, a Senior Vice President, a Vice-President (Academics), a General Secretary, a Treasurer, a Secretary and Executive Members (all elected by the General Body through voting).
  2. The Tenure of Governing Body is Three Years.
  3. Outgoing non-official members of the Governing Body are eligible for re-nomination for another term but not more than two terms in total which may or may not be consecutive.
  4. In case of any dispute, conflict, non-functioning or unsatisfactory functioning of the Governing Body, the matter will be referred to the General Body, the decision of which will be binding on the Society.
  5. Any vacancy of the membership of the Governing Body, caused by any reason, is to be filled in by the Governing Body from the members of the General Body. But the person so appointed will hold office only for the un-expired period of the term of the membership and in that appointed approval of General Body will be must in the coming meeting of the General Body.
    (a) The President who is the ex-officio Chairman.
    (b) Senior Vice-President
    (c) Vice-President (Academics)
    (d) General Secretary
    (e) Secretary
    (f) Treasurer
    (g) Executive Members (07 Nos.)

  6. A member of the Governing Body will cease to be such member on the happening of any of the following events:
    (a) If the member dies, becomes of unsound mind, becomes insolvent or be convicted of a criminal offence involving moral turpitude.
    (b) If the member does not attend five consecutive meetings of the Society without proper leave of the President or Vice-President.
    (c) Upon submission and acceptance of his resignation; or
    (d) If the member ceases to fulfill the eligibility condition for being admitted as a member as mentioned
    (e) To pay membership fee or annual subscription fee continuously for a period, as may be prescribed;

  7. Any vacancy in the membership of the Governing Body is to be filled up by appointment or nomination by the President.


  1. Every meeting of the Governing Body is presided over by the Chairman of the Governing Body and in his absence by Vice President or a member chosen by the meeting to preside for the occasion.
  2. One third of members of the Governing Body present in person form a quorum at every meeting of the Society.
  3. Not less than 7 clear days’ notice of every meeting of the Governing Body is to be given to each member of the Governing Body.
  4. The Governing Body is to meet as often as may be considered necessary but not less than four times in a financial year. International members can attend the meeting through online connectivity.
  5. The Chairman of the Governing body may himself call, or by a requisition signed by him to call a meeting of the Governing Body at any time.
  6. Each member of the Governing Body including the Chairman have one vote. All matters at the Governing Body meeting are to be decided by the majority view. If there is an equality of votes on any question to be decided by the Governing Body, the Chairman shall in addition have a casting vote.
  7. A resolution is passed by 2/3 (two third) majority vote in the Governing Body meeting called for the purpose.


  1. It is the function of the Governing Body generally to carry out the object of the Society as set forth in the Memorandum of Association.
    (a) Identifying and understanding the needs of the members.
    (b) Monitoring the progress of society and taking appropriate action to ensure the successful implementation of plans and strategies.
    (c) Assuring stability and growth of society and its membership.
    (d) Approving the appointment, by the President, of the society.

  2. The Governing Body administers, directs and controls the affairs and funds of the Society and have authority to exercise all the powers of the Society.
  3. The Governing Body has powers to frame, amend or repeal bye-laws not inconsistent with these rules for the administration and management of the affairs of the Society.
  4. The Governing Body has the power to enter into arrangements with the Government of India, State Government and other public or private organizations or individuals for securing and accepting endowments, grants-in-aid, donations or gifts to the Society on mutually agreed terms and conditions provided that the conditions of such grant-in-aid, donations or gifts, if any, shall not be inconsistent or in conflict with the nature or objects of the Society or with the provisions of these rules.
  5. The Governing Body may by resolution appoint committees, sub-committees, advisory board and panel of experts for such purposes and with such powers as the Governing Body may think proper. Establishing, appointing or approving the appointment, and empowerment of councils, committees, teams and task forces of members.
  6. To fix such fees and other charges as may be laid down in the bye-laws made under the rules of the Society.
  7. To establish, maintain and manage the land buildings and the other assets of the Society.
  8. To print, publish and sell, circulate or distribute gratuitously or otherwise journals, periodicals, books or leaflets that the Society may consider desirable and necessary for the promotion of its objectives.