SOMME Members

Individuals, institutions, organizations, societies, corporate bodies, may be accepted in future as member(s) / Institutional member(s) / Corporate member(s) by the Governing Body on terms and conditions as laid down by the Governing Body.

Corporate Members

Eligibility for becoming corporate member of society:

Any industry providing goods or services is eligible to become corporate member of society.

Applicable Membership Fee for becoming Corporate Member

Main Sponsors (Chair Vice-President):          Rs.5,00,000/- (INR)

Annual Membership (Indian Industry)
            Small Scale Industry: Rs. 15,000/- (INR)
            Medium Scale industry: Rs. 30,000/- (INR)
            Large Scale Industry: Rs. 50,000/- (INR)

Annual Membership (Foreign Industry)
            Annual Membership Fee: $ 2,500 (USD)

Note: The Governing Body shall have the power to increase, decrease or vary the amount of membership fee from time to time. Additional subscription, in addition to the membership fee referred to hereinabove, may be collected by the Governing Body from members for a general or specific purpose or project.